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Twotone Amsterdam

Twotone – 7 Years Of Stoke Patch

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This is the patch of our 7-year anniversary designed by Twotone friend & colleague Kike Molares. Patch should be ready for shipment or local delivery and pick up by Dec 17th, 2021.

Back in 2018 on the 2nd day of the first Silk Road Mountain Race, Twotone's founder, Jon Woodroof was making his way up Kegeti – the race's first & biggest climb. 

As the oxygen thinned, Jon came across a snow leopard carcass somewhat frozen in the snow; its saber-toothed snarl exposed as it began to deteriorate. 

The Silk Road Mountain race ended in a scratch for Jon and his memory of this unlucky leopard lived on.

Since our #twotoneturnsfive party two years ago, we've been keen to properly celebrate but those years have been as arduous as Kegeti in many ways. Our plans for our 7-year party are still up in the air due to renewed corona restrictions.

All that being said, we've read that snow Leopards symbolize courage, intuition, and creating karma. Snow Leopards are considered the least aggressive of all the big cats, showing you how important it is to make silence and meditation a priority.

We want to honor the fallen snow leopard seen on that initial ascent in Kyrgistan with our 7 Year Anniversary Collection.

Kike added symbology alluding to long-distance riding and perseverance in general. We're thrilled to be turning seven at Twotone. 

Please ping us with any questions about the reorder and thank you so much for your support of Twotone over the years and now!

- Jon, Kike, Brigita & Guy

7cm x 7cm Patch

Produced in The Netherlands (ja toch!)